The smartphone app you can’t live without

The smartphone app you can’t live without

Ever discover something you didn’t realize you needed? That’s how I feel about the smartphone app you can’t live without.

I’ve been recommending this smartphone app to friends for years. They all love it, and thank me. This morning I thought, “why haven’t I written about it?”

What is the smartphone app you can’t live without?

Voxer is a downloadable smartphone app that functions like a phone-to-phone walkie-talkie. You talk back and forth “live” like with a traditional walkie-talkie. The benefit over a regular walkie-talkie is if the other party isn’t listening, your message is recorded for them to hear later.

Voxer allows you to send text messages, photos and videos. Snap a photo direct from the Voxer app or choose an image from your phone’s library.

When traveling, I send friends and family photos and videos of interesting places with a brief voice message to provide context. They experience my journey and can respond when they like (or not at all).

Voxer is a fun smartphone app for family and friends

Voxer is a great way to communicate with family and friends. I have four grown boys with busy lives. When I call they probably think, “I should pick up because it’s Dad, but hope he makes it quick.” When I Voxer, they can listen to my message at 4X speed and respond when they like. They prefer Dad on Voxer.  

You can set up a Voxer “group” with your Kids or grandkids, co-workers or friends with similar interests. This enables you to easily and quickly communicate with everyone in the group at the push of a button.

Some will hear you in real-time, others will listen to the recording later. Every member of the group can communicate with the group the same way. I have a Voxer group with my kids and a few others with friends who share common interests (like real estate and flying).

Voxer is great for business too!

Voxer is a fantastic business tool too. I use it to communicate individually with the agents in my real estate firm. If they’re on appointment they can listen to my message when they’re free.

We have a Hague Partners group where my agents post photos and descriptions of the new properties they list in case anyone has a prospective buyer. Any type of business could find multiple ways to use Voxer.    

Like most apps, the basic Voxer app is free. You can upgrade to a paid version (inexpensive monthly plans) and add extra features. But, try out the free version first. Invite friends and family to demo it with you. If you like it as much as I do, you’ll upgrade for sure.

In last week’s blog, I shared a few Chubby Rules (my dad’s life lessons). One was, “brief and brilliant beats big and bloated”. Following Dad’s advice there’s no more to say except my Voxer handle is “RealEstateMaverick.” Voxer Me!

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