The 8 Words You Need to Know

The 8 Words You Need to Know

“The most expensive thing in the world is TRUST.

It can take years to earn and just a matter of seconds to lose.”


Several years ago, I wrote a book on fathering titled How Fathers Change Lives; Stories of Remarkable Dads. It’s not an “I’m an expert in this subject, let me tell you all about it” kind of book, but rather interviews “with kids” from 4 to 84 sharing the best lesson they learned from their dads.

While working on the book, I was reminded that fathering (as well as mothering) does not have an expiration date. When our “kids” reach the magical age of 18, 21 or 30, our job is far from done. I also learned that if you’re doing it right, the lessons should go both ways. I continually gain valuable insight and perspective from my three sons and nephew (my fourth son).

Whether you’re a father or mother, son or daughter, I want to share with you the 8 words you need to know. When I learned these 8 words I was surprised, until I cogitated, then it made sense.

Why do businesses fail?

Why do relationships falter?

Why is life so hard?

The answer is the same and it’s probably not what you think. The shame is that it can be avoided. When you blow it, you may not even know it.


Several years ago, my good buddy, David Horsager, researched and wrote a New York Times bestselling book titled The Trust Edge. When I heard the title I was intrigued. You either trust someone or not. Don’t lie, don’t cheat and do what you say. That pretty much sums up trust, right? Not even close.

In The Trust Edge, Dave gives us eight words we must never forget. It’s why businesses struggle, politicians lose, couples break apart and friends become distant.

Dave’s book is a must-read. His findings are based on years of research. If my sons could read only one book, The Trust Edge is what I would recommend.

In a nutshell:

  1. CLARITY  People trust the clear and mistrust the ambiguous.
  2. COMPASSION  People trust those who reach out when we’re down.
  3. CHARACTER  People trust those who choose right over easy.
  4. COMPETENCY People trust those who know what they should.
  5. COMMITMENT  People trust those who do what they say.
  6. CONNECTION  People trust those who have friends.
  7. CONTRIBUTION  People trust those who deliver results.
  8. CONSISTENCY  People trust those who continually do as expected.

While these pillars may appear simple at first blush, they are really a primer for how to succeed in business and in life.

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